Linck is committed to advancing client and family engagement.

At Linck, we support family members as assets and equitable partners, engaging them in our work and creating opportunities for development wherever possible.

Family Engagement Council

The purpose of the Linck Family Engagement Council (FEC) is to provide a highly effective and meaningful forum for shared leadership and decision making between families and agency service. Through the sharing of unique stories, opinions, perspectives and experiences, the voices of clients and family members will influence, shape and co-design programs and services within Linck.

If you are interested involved with the FEC, please email us at

Complaints, Compliments & Feedback

Child & Family Wellbeing Team

The Child & Family Wellbeing Team (CFWB) work with families, children and youth involved with protection services to promote healthy family functioning. Supports include working on short term specific goals for individuals, and parenting goals, using evidence informed approaches.  The CFWB team honours the knowledge and strengths of individuals and families to work through goals and address worries.

The CFWB team also assists protection services in scheduling and supporting court ordered supported family time. Referrals are made internally by the assigned worker.


Parenting Resources

Parenting is the most important job many of us have. It is filled with great joys and great challenges.

There are many supports and resources available for parents, caregivers, and families within Chatham-Kent. These resources are available to help parents and caregivers on their parenting journey, as they raise their children and support youth to grow up and transition to adulthood.

View our Parenting Resources page.