Linck supports an integrated approach to planning for Infant and Child Development and Special Needs Resources.

Our program objectives are:

  • to promote early identification and intervention for children with extra needs
  • maximize opportunities for optimal growth and development of the child and family unit
  • provide family-centred service based on caregiver strengths, needs, and priorities
  • provide service within the child’s natural environment(s).

Developmental services are provided to children and their families who are residents of Chatham-Kent. Our services are offered at no cost to you.

View our Developmental Services brochure here.

Core Services:

Intake Mental Health and Development is the first point of contact for families who have questions or would like to make a referral for services. Intake workers conduct assessments of children and youth from birth to age 18 years.

The purpose of the intake process is to determine what agency services best meet the needs of the child or youth and their family and to make recommendations for treatment.

This program is designed to support the full inclusion of all children in licensed childcare settings for children ages 0 – 12 years, or an approved recreation program. Support is provided based on the needs of the early learning classroom/group and available Special Needs Resources.

A Developmental Support Worker (DSW) is assigned to children with extra needs for a set number of full or half days per week.

Child & Family Consultants provide Special Needs Resourcing for children in licensed childcare. We provide the following specialized services to childcares:

  • Developmental screening and informal needs assessment
  • Education, support, and coaching for childcare providers
  • Links to community services
  • For children starting Kindergarten, the Child & Family Consultant will collaborate with the school board (St. Clair Catholic or Lambton-Kent District) and the Children’s Treatment Centre to support a seamless transition to school.

The Infant Child Development Program (ICDP) is a free early child development program available to families who have concerns about their child’s early development. The program serves children from birth to school entry who have a developmental disability and/or risk of developmental delay. It is primarily a home-based early intervention program working with children and their parents/caregivers to build skills through routines in their daily environment.

The program works with children based on functional needs and concerns; a medical diagnosis is not required. You do not need a referral from your doctor to access this service.

ICDP services included, but are not limited to:

  • help with information about the child’s needs and what that means for routines in the home, information and early intervention services within the child’s daily environment, and building upon the family’s or caregiver’s usual routines
  • support for parenting and positive parent/caregiver-child interactions
  • collaborative provision of supports with other local providers in our community.