The goal of this service is providing youth a better quality of life through safer housing opportunities through room and board so they can focus on their studies or employment.

We are looking for supportive families or individuals who would be able to provide room and board housing to youth between 16 – 22 years who are transitioning out of care.

Individuals providing supportive accommodations for older youth will receive payment from Linck as agreed upon by all parties.

The youth are supported by a Children’s Service Worker from Linck and other community services.

Depending on the age of the youth (16 – 18 years) you may be required to provide a Vulnerable Sector police clearance and child welfare record check.

Supportive Accommodations Inquiry Form

In you are interested in offering supportive accommodations for youth and would like to ask questions or learn more, please let us know how we can best reach you by filling in your contact information below.