Foster parents receive a variety of supports to help them nurture and care for children and youth who live in their home.

Foster caregivers are assigned a Resource Worker who works with them to develop a personalized plan for your ongoing learning, training, and support. We recognize the importance and benefits of ongoing training and offer regular workshops and courses to enhance the knowledge and expand child-related skills for foster caregivers.

  • Foster caregivers have access to peer support through the Foster Parent Association which helps to connect them with other foster parents.
  • Foster caregivers receive a daily, non-taxable reimbursement for children and youth living in their home to cover the cost of food, shelter, and other living expenses. As well there are clothing and recreational allowances that vary according to the age of the child/youth.
  • Health and dental coverage for children placed in the home is provided by Linck.
  • Access to interagency supports such as developmental services, volunteer drives and mental health services.
  • Linck offers an EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) for foster caregivers.
  • Foster caregivers also have access to relief/respite coverage.
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call us at 519-352-0440 to learn more or email us at